Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 8:31PM
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Join Rich Hall and his virtuoso musical mates for a mash-up of music, comedy and gratuitous coloration as they return for limited dates of the infamous ‘Hoedown’ in spring 2017.

Performing for two nights at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival (17th - 18th March) and four nights at London’s Leicester Square Theatre (5th - 8th April) will be Rich’s regular band of talented andchronically unemployable urchins. The floor will reek of liquor and spent dreams. Tickets for full UK tour are on sale now!

Rich Hall is the star of the critically-acclaimed BBC 4 documentaries ‘Rich Hall’s Californian Stars’, ‘Rich Hall’s You Can Go To Hell’, I’m Going To Texas’, ‘Rich Hall’s Inventing the Indian’ and his most recent, ‘Rich Hall’s Presidential Grudge Match’. He also wrote and starred in a four-part series for BBC Radio 4 in November 2016 entitled ‘Rich Hall’s (US Election) Breakdown’.

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