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Thursday 1st August – Sunday 25th August (not 12th), 4.50pm

Just The Tonic At The Mash House (The Bottle Room)

 “Superb timing and quick wit… A must see” ★★★★★Radio Ha-ha

“It’s clear that Archie Maddocks has found his calling in comedy…a brilliant job balancing light silly humour with thought-provoking, refreshing and subversive social discussion.” ★★★★ - Entertainment Focus

“A super cool, super smart storyteller” - Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke and Evening Standard

Featured in The Daily Mirror and Evening Standard’s Top Jokes of the Edinburgh Fringe 2018

It’s all getting a bit serious init? Political instability, social politics making people less social – you can’t even have a finger of Nutella no more without feeling guilty – that’s what life is now, guilt, followed by shame. However, what is life, if nothing but a distraction until you die? Archie Maddocks returns to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019 to tackle the struggles of being alive in his latest hour of provocative, exhilarating and *crucially* HILARIOUS stand up.

Catch Archie Maddocks in his brand new show Big Dick Energy (BDE) at Just The Tonic’s The Mash House (The Bottle Room) every afternoon at 4.50pm, from Thursday 1st – Sunday 25th August (not Monday 12th).  Tickets are on sale soon and will be available from and

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